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General Rules and Guidelines to make this a stress free Forum
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Scale Model Bazaar Section

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The Scale Model Bazaar Section of Minicarnama is purely for the convenience of buying and selling scale models or any other resource among active members of this forum.
If you are a registered member with less than 100 posts, you will not be able to see this section at all.
Once you cross the 100 post count, you will automatically be able to see this sub-forum and can start posting your wants or sell threads.

Following are the rules for this sub forum:

1. All posts are moderated and will have to be approved before they are visible. Please post your threads and patiently wait for approval.
2. Sellers have to provide all the possible details of the product being sold strictly in this format:

(Example: Green)

Name of Product: Chevrolet Volt
Scale: 1/18
Manufacturer: Autoart
How many previous owners: 0 (I bought it brand new)
Defects if any: Damaged outer box.
Condition of the product: Excellent. No marks or blemishes on the model.
How long have you had this: 5 years
Has the product ever been displayed: Yes. Was in my display for approx 2 years
Asking Price: Rs 8000
Price Negotiable: Yes
Photographs (Minimum 2):
Photographs of Damages (Minimum 2):

3.Sellers MUST provide their own photographs. Photos taken off the internet or stolen from other threads will not be tolerated.
4. Strictly NO complaining over prices. Sellers are free to set whatever price they want. If this offends you, then kindly keep it to yourself and move on. Arguing over set prices will not be tolerated.
5. If the seller mentions that the price is 'Negotiable', kindly negotiate over PMs and not on the thread itself.
6. Please leave a review after the deal is completed and you have received the product.
7. Seller with more than 3 bad reviews will be banned from accessing this forum.
8. Buyers trying to falsely accuse sellers or trying to get models for free will be banned immediately.
9. Moderators have the final say in all proceedings. Be assured that they will take the necessary steps after looking at all the evidence.
10. Use of profanity and disobedience to moderators' requests will earn you an automatic ban.


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