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Welcome to Minicarnama

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Dear Member,

Welcome to Minicarnama Forum.

Here, we encourage you to share photos, have meaningful conversations, and to enjoy each others collections of all kinds of scale models in varying materials.
Scale models come in various scales as we all already know.
To make it easier to find what you are looking for, we have divided the 'Hobby Discussion' section into 3 main scale groups:

1. Large Scale (1/18 and Larger scales)
2. Small Scale (1/20 and Smaller scales)
3. Hotwheels and the Likes (1/64 and similar scales)

Since we acknowledge that the number of hotwheels collectors in the world easily outnumber the larger scale collectors, we thought it was justified to have a separate sub forum for 1/64 scale collectors. If you collect 1/64 scale models or smaller i.e. 1/87 and similar, kindly post in this section only,

Kit building is a massive global hobby and most of us who have that itch to build something on our own, start with learner kits and gradually move on to the more complex ones. We have a separate section for kit builders too i.e. 'Plastic Model Kit Discussions'. Please post your builds in the appropriate sub forum within this main section.

Are you self proclaimed artist? Do you have special skills that sets you apart from a normal collector?
Well we have a separate section for you too... may it be scale models you have modified or built from scratch,or simply taken a pencil or pen to paper are sketched out a work of art you are proud of.... you can showcase all that in our 'Custom Creations' Section.
To encourage members from exercising their creativity, we have a 'Creator Workshop' sub section where you have a chance of earning your own personal forum. Simply post at least 5 of your custom projects and earn yourself a forum of your own!

If you are new to the Forum setup, please check out our 'Tutorials' section where you'll find everything you need to set up your profile and know how to post treads and link photographs. If there is anything you want to know that is not covered in the tutorials, please feel free to PM any of the moderators and they will reply to your query as soon as they can.

We also have a simple rules section to let you know what is permitted and what isn't... nobody wants trouble makers and these rules are unfortunately needed so that the vast majority of us can enjoy our time here.

Our aim is to have a forum where people who have a similar love of this hobby can come and get their daily high of scale model mania.
We sincerely hope you will all have a great time here and our collections will grow heaps and bounds!

Here's to a grand opening.. let the good times flow!

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