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General Rules and Guidelines to make this a stress free Forum
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Video Embedding Rules

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Video Embedding Rules:

Here are some simple rules:
Members with less than 100 posts will not be allowed to embed videos. (mods will delete videos of the violator)

Following WILL be allowed for members with above 100 posts:

1. Videos showcasing upcoming releases in the NEWS section of the forum.
2. Videos of your own tutorials to benefit the community.
3. Videos in special video related threads.
4. Video of your own personal model reviews, as long as they are accompanied with a write up including pictures of the model being reviewed.
5. A link to your You Tube or similar channel can be added to your 'signature' for members to check out.

Following will NOT be allowed:
1. Videos shamelessly promoting member's own you tube or similar channels.
2. Videos promoting hate or sensitive content.
3. Videos not related to the thread content.
4. Videos that are not your own.
5. Videos simply to enhance your own threads/posts, (ex history vids, vids of real cars etc)

Moderators will have the right to delete videos if found to be inappropriate.

Violators will be warned. 3 warnings are they will be permanently banned.

IMP: As a simple rule, DO NOT embed videos just cause you think its cool or will make your post look better.
Remember this is a forum and we would love you to share pictures rather than videos.
The last thing we want is for Minicarnama to became a second idiot box. :biggrin:

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